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                   Suzhou Huasheng Textile Decoration Co.,Ltd is located in the northern Suzhou City,a global famous city of hiatory and culture ,at the east exit in Suzhou of Shanghai-Nanjing and Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou expressways.The Company is 75km away from Shanghai ,enjoying the convenient traffic and freight.

                  The Company was incorporated in July 1994 with over 1100 employees currently.There are Tianhong Huasheng Printing & Dyeing Co Ltd,Warp Knitting Towel Plant,Glue Spray Cotton Plant,Multi-Needle Long-Stitch Sewing Plant,Single-Needle Long-Stitch Sewing Plant and International Trade Department,any of which has the qualification and capacity of independent import and export as the subsidiary of the Company,also passed the ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certification.In 2002,the Company once completed the turnover for export of RMB 150 million yuan,and in this year,the USD 5 million is for self-export.To date,we own the assers of over RMB 100 million yuan.The facility is aslo divided into two
                major parts:One is Huasheng Textile Decoration Co.,Ltd,which covers an area of 23,000 sq.m with the factory building area of 22,000 sq.m.It has 16 sets of regular computerized multi-needle long-stitch sewing machine and 4 sets of computerized single-needle long-stitch sewing machine,2 sets of Niko broad needle 1 set of loosening cotton machinem,all of which are im ported form Japan,and over 300 sets of supporting equipment,forming the capacity to produce any indoor household textile decoration as the long-stitch sewing cushion quilt,quilt,bed cover,quilt cover,pillow case,pillow,curtain,table warming quilt and bed sheet with the annual capacity of 3.50 millon in production.

                  The other is Tianhong Huasheng Prining & Dyeing Co.,Ltd, covering an area of 66,600 sq.m and the factory building area of 33,000 sq.m. It once imported the Zima-brand magnetic-bar flat screen stamping machine from Austria and the Ailauri-brand vaporizing machine from Italy with 11 colors and 2.4m in width.In addition, it owns the plain-color pressed dyeing spraying line, 8 sets of Calmayer wrap knitting machine,24 sets of cross-wrap great rounding machine,60 sets of wool brushing machine,wool release machine and wool warming & cutting machine, and 2 sets of carpet combining machine,giving 8 production lines of wool capcity of 1 million wool blanckets and 300,000 carpets in production, while the Tianhong Huasheng also setup the branch facility of color dyeing with the annual capacity of 10 million meters of color dyeing clothes and 500 tons of color dyeing on knitting fabrics ,giving thr functions and capacity from new product deve;opment and design,reproduction sampling and batch production.

                  We commit the following motto of customer utmost,repuation on top,creditworthy quality and top service.We sincerely welcome the friend form both at home and abroad come and visit our Huasheng in Suzhou.





                Product Classification
                  Bed Pad
                Copyright: Suzhou Huasheng Textile Decoration Co.,Ltd
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